"My mission is to provoke, nurture and manifest your feminine BRILLIANCE, while liberating your Inner Guru."

“Juicy Spirit was a valuable, intimate journey for me. I got to dive deep into truths about feminine power, erotic energy and spirituality that I had paid lip service to for a long time. I can more easily “hear” my own intuition speaking to me; I can recognize when my emotions and energy are in a creative place (or not!), and then how to move, shift and lift my energy as I desire. I looooove the emphasis on embracing pleasure! I am sure I will be back to RevCoach La Tonia’s workshops; they are like a playground or laboratory where you are presented with a range of tools and insights you can combine into your own personal technology for living the life you want. And just on a curious-kid, spiritual-nerd tip, the more of this ancient/new wisdom I learn and experience, the more fascinated I am to dig even deeper.”
-Juicy Butterfly Malkia ~ Film Maker, Artist, Creative


“This weekend was so powerful for me! First I held a funeral for old self. She was tired and ready to be released. I honored and celebrated her. I thanked her for the lessons learned. It was a private funeral — my husband and I. As I released her into the water, I felt lighter. I released some tears and as I did that my husband said something so powerful. He said: “The tide is high today. As you released the old you and all of the stuff, the tide will carry it out, never to return again.” It was such a moment for me with him. Then, we celebrated all night – hehehehehe!  Oh yes – I am in the flow of money also — LOL!!!” ~ Sandra Chaney, Minister – Transformation Lifestyle Center