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My Juicy Rebirth


The Juicy Journey is the integration of spiritual and sensual transformation. The Juicy Journey is activated by a woman’s choice to use the messages of her life, her womb, and her unapologetic desires as a tool. Juicy Spirit is a process where women integrate the sensual, spiritual, and sweet, sacred succulence into any part of their lives that is demanding their attention. The sisterhood is a community of women holding a sacred space for women celebrating one another’s unfolding on purpose, passion, and pleasure! Being Juicy activates a woman to hydrate herself so that her juices can flow toward the dry places in her life.

It is my heartfelt intention to invite, confirm, and provoke YOUR atonement of yourself with your higher Self, which includes your sensuality. It’s never too late or too soon to start leading with your divine feminine energy to become a spiritually aligned successful woman. As you read through this book, you will hopefully become more aware of how your feminine energy operates and will start seeing how great The Juicy Journey can be.

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The Orgasmic Abundant Womanhood - TeleSummit Package

This is your introduction to The Feminine Business Model to integrate Purpose, Pleasure and Passion from the boardroom to the bank.