We've turned our Testimonies into YES-ti-monies, born from our focus the entire 2017 year on Aligning with our YES: Action, Alignment and Abundance. The women from various programs, began to share from this teaching series coupled with the individual and/or group programs how feeding their YES transformed a specific area of their own Purpose, Pleasure and Passion manifestation. 

Here’s what clients said about Juicy Spirit Awakened and The Juicy YOU!!! 

Juicy Butterfly Malkia ~
Film Maker, Artist, Creative

Juicy Spirit Awakened: “Juicy Spirit was a valuable, intimate journey for me. I got to dive deep into truths about feminine power, erotic energy and spirituality that I had paid lip service to for a long time. I can more easily “hear” my own intuition speaking to me; I can recognize when my emotions and energy are in a creative place (or not!), and then how to move, shift and lift my energy as I desire. I looooove the emphasis on embracing pleasure! I am sure I will be back to RevCoach La Tonia’s workshops; they are like a playground or laboratory where you are presented with a range of tools and insights you can combine into your own personal technology for living the life you want. And just on a curious-kid, spiritual-nerd tip, the more of this ancient/new wisdom I learn and experience, the more fascinated I am to dig even deeper.”

Dr. T. Estell, Pastor – Florida

"My magical moment with my husband in Atlanta. That weekend allowed me to be me and love it. He engaged the moment as I carried him to a new place, in a lady like gentleness. The magic was in loving sharing. Juicy spirit is my safe place of freedom  of expression. My sisters are my life support to my growth as I share in this world. I love Juicy SPIRIT!…My Husband has no desire for it to be over!”

M. Sadler – Business Development Expert

“I was so intrigued with the idea that I could connect to God through the discovery of my sacred self – even through my sensuality; that I could manifest all that I desire in this life, heal and become whole. Aha’s?  That I have been holding on to so much pain and it has  been blocking my path to God, my purpose and abundance in my life. Even during this session, I realized that I need to commit to the betterment of ME – not let the world distract me from becoming all that God has planned for my life.  Being a woman/goddess is so powerful – everything that I need is within me – I just have to tap into it and let my juice flow.”

Sandee G., Retired.

The Juicy YOU Client Testimonial:  ”I feel real giggly in side with the growth of my hubby and I (our) passion for each other and my health is really improving each day. I am so grateful for my process!”