ReBirth by La Tonia Taylor turns blindspots into breakthroughs! (c)


 YOUR Purpose, Pleasure and Passion is my priority! 

Welcome to ReBirth International - the umbrella organization for Coaching, Counsel and Consulting to reinvent Life and Business Strategy. We provide educational programs and consultation individuals, groups, teams and organizations seeking to build and implement a NEW VISION. 

While ReBirth is Spirit driven, we know that "vision pulls, while pain pushes". We specialize helping women heal their heart and transform their relationship with love, sex and money into Purpose, Passion and Pleasure. However, our formulas do include the men who love us and want to join the journey in adjusting  vision from the inside out and manifesting measurable shifts that align with your highest purpose, call or desire. Our programs are designed to meet you where you are and move you into unrestricted Purpose, Pleasure and Passion through Vision Mastery. 

Our signature programs, classes and supplemental inspiration encourages a circle of leaders to be fully expressed and unapologetic about who they are, how they got here and where they are going on their own terms. Learn more about how you can live on Purpose, Get In Position to Prosper and to transform Matters of The Heart or Business with Pleasure and Passion

ReBirth by La Tonia Taylor offers your choice of written inspiration, books, broadcasts, workshops and retreats.  We are committed to creating a “safe place”, where people can reinvent their sacred relationship with love, sex and money. 

Learn more about how, when and where you can #ReBirthandEmergeTransformed