Why is pleasing God (Spirit) and pleasure separate for you or any woman?

Why is pleasing God (Spirit) and pleasure separate for you or any woman? Any answer, other than, “It’s not.” is usually fed by fear, frustration or misinformation.

I used to be that woman, years ago. In fact, I did not have sex with my first husband until our wedding night because of my dedication to the tenants of my religion. I wanted God to bless me. Of course all of this was prior to me learning more about myself, doctrine, womanhood, The Divinity of Women and the direct connection to other blocks in my life. IN THAT ORDER! Once I got clear and not only stepped outside of the boxes I inherited, I stopped living out of boxes and found how to have my power and pleasure as God/dess’ presence. That’s Juicy! If I had called it Ju-Ju Woman, you certainly would not have any parts of it. LOL!!!

Sis, You are magical and feminine arts are tools we use to unlock our magic, infuse our own life and our love, work and health receive the benefit of being a Juicy Woman. It’s the healthy juju.

Why JUICY, though? I could have called it Sacred Womanhood, because it is that. Maybe even,  Manifest and Master The Feminine Arts for any area of your Life. Too long, right? Juice is defined as person’s vitality or creative faculties and the informal definition says to “juice something up” is to enliven it or make it lively.

This is why I created JUICY SPIRIT,  ”Self-Paced” 7 weeks of Juicy Spirit, for now. It will change to a 6 month immersion program that is still self-paced but the music is slow, with time to simmer and create juiciness in every energy center that  produces your personal AHAs. If you are reading now, you still have time for the 7 week sampler, which is designed:

  • to bring life to areas directly connected to your womanhood and sensual awareness, mind, body and spirit.
  • to recharge any area drained by past experiences or silent traumas with love and support.
  • to power-up your relationships, vision and vitality with holistic feminine arts.
  • to use your body’s map become POTENT and PRESENT, again and again! (my favorite)

    If you don’t believe me, here’s what your Juicy Spirit, Big Sisters said: 

    A Mother, Professional & a Lay Leader says. . . . I have been holding on to so much pain and it has been blocking my path to God, my purpose and abundance in my life. Even during this session, I realized that I need to commit to the betterment of ME – not let the world distract me from becoming all that God has planned for my life.  Being a woman/goddess is so powerful – everything that I need is within me – I just have to tap into it and let my juice flow. – Monique S., Maryland

    A Pastor, Wife and Ph.D. says . . . .  I will fly and not be in bondage to people places and things. I will forever dance, know matter where I am. I will explore other places and things. I am thinking beyond now and I will go to those places. I am going to stay juicy and forever connected to you La Tonia Taylor. You gave me the balance I needed along with my Healthy living program that put me back in a size 5. I have know intention in leaving this scared place. – T.E. – New Jersey

    A Sassy Homemaker & Business Owner’s says. . . . “He asked what opened me to this new desire….I shared my juicy journey! He sends his gratitude to the Rev. Coach LT! Long story-short, we’ve been like two teenagers in heat ever since.” – The McNeils – Atlanta

    Husband’s have only sent message of gratitude, women have found their voice, some have crack the lid on a mystery that nagged their health and peace of mind and others have simply confirmed what they suspected AND TURNED UP The VOLUME on self-care and pleasure all around!!! That’s Juicy! That’s the work of Spirit! It’s not to late for you to enroll TODAY and fill-up your own juice for any of the areas above.

    IF NOT NOW, then WHEN. . . . .I know you are busy, and that is precisely the issue. Many of us have made pleasing God a separate activity that involves other people and NOT us. Iyanla and The Healing Team at Inner Visions always reminded us, BEGIN WITHIN!!  What every you are seeking, it’s seeking you. Hydrate the dry places in any area of your life and know that this is The Holy Atonement between you and your Divinity. Your steps were Divinely Ordered here.  Feel free to ASK me ANYTHING at 240-25-POWER. Whatever you do, don’t assume, even if it’s about payment plans.  Asking the right question is an ACT OF SELF LOVE!