The ART of Manifesting with a JUICY “YES”!

I told you that the thing that you desire the most can be yours, without having to struggle, sacrifice or strain, would you believe them? I know that I didn’t until I learned how to leverage internal design as a woman to create magic in my own life.  There are still times when I have complete memory lost of the last magic carpet ride, I confess.  Being in school, a business owner, laid off, put on, trading time for dollars, furloughed, divorced and dating disappointment certainly can seem like reasons to legitimize the struggle, doesn’t it?

I can honestly tell you that I have been in personal transition for approximately three (3) years due to one of those reasons above. As a Juicy Spirit Goddess, I have HIGH VALUE of travel and Rest & Recovery and Juicy vacations.  There very specific tools that I KNOW work to manifest miracles. However, I had been telling myself for two (2) years that, I could afford it, a vacation. I had a JUSTIFIED “NO”. Can you relate to this for something that you desire?

The truth is I could NOT afford to continue at the pace of dehydration, while settling for temporary watering holes given that I had been empowered by The Art of YES Living!!! I knew that something had to give. One of the tools we share in the Juicy Spirit 7 week program is how to investigate your pleasure using your desires as a launching pad. Everything begins with simply giving yourself permission to have desire, speak a desire and then courage to investigate desire. Yet, I see so many women consulting the limits as evidence of why or why not she can not have a juicy desire. Sometimes, it moves me deeply to see the trap that is set by your own thinking. So many of us live in our head and experience the limits of our intellect, while The Universe says, “Your wish is my command.”   I do this work with passion and so much love & AWE of your majesty, even when you can not see in yourself. What I know for sure is, NOTHING JUST HAPPENS!! I only know this because an Awakened woman nudged me, years ago, when my own limits were creating more limits for me, based on The Law or Attraction, The Law of Abundance and The Law of Correspondence.

You will learn more about this spiritual law through some of the juicy activities given through-out the seven (7) weeks.

For now, let me share with you the occasion that I had to practice my YES and see it come to pass under the mentor-ship of a Master teacher. Years ago, Iyanla had a second tier workshop available after you’d complete a shorter workshop weekend. I knew that I wanted to attend. In fact, she was already considering discontinuing this offer. I had very limited income after being, new divorced, living in a new area and never had invested at this cost point. It looked dim. Something inside of me continued to whisper, “Yes!” So, I reached out to the enrollment mother for Inner Visions “just to see” what it would take to register. I didn’t even have the deposit, yall!!! She asked, “Is this something you really want?” I answered with an enthusiastic, “YES, of course!”  Then she dropped the stretch on me, this sweet tender, mother and teacher who I trusted said, “Write the check!” I only wish you could see the horrification (made-up word) in my face on the other side of the phone. As I picked my jaw up from my lap to say, “Huh?” She said it again, “Write the check and the funds will follow. The Universe abhors a void.” I definitely had a response, much like the one you are most likely thinking. I said, “That wouldn’t be responsible because I don’t know where the money will come from. I don’t handle my business like that.” She explained to me how to use the tools of reality creation, AFTER the YESresponse, which is - you must do a demonstration that matches the thing that you affirmed.  I had been a student of practical metaphysics and spiritual law, so intellectually, I knew this was true. So, I wrote the check as a demonstration of my faith and watered it supporting actions, such as securing a travel buddy and time off from work. That one stretch towards my YES, changed my life and how I consult possibility.

I want to tell you more about my most recent experience of manifesting a long desired vacation, with little to no money required for me.

But I know that I’ve said a lot already, so I’ll just tell you this: I just returned from seven (7) The Soul Train Cruise with a Stateroom with a balcony in my name that I didn’t have to pay for, all from practicing the Art of Yes on my desires long before it opportunity to accept it showed up.

It didn’t stop there. My YES, required more demonstrations. You sometimes we think that oneYes will do. No!! Pleasure is a discipline that requires you to keep stretching toward your YES! I needed an airline ticket that I could “afford”. (there’s that word again)  I almost let what I could afford block me from receiving this gift from The Universe. I pressed, by asking resources for buddy passes and such. Even still, I was so committed that I was willing to pay full price for the ticket because that was the only thing required of me. After all, when was this opportunity going to come around, again? The last day of my searching, I was finally ready to bite the proverbial bullet and not one but two resources came through. The rest of the unfolding of this Yes vacation was magical just. like. that. You, too, can get in the vortex of your YES and I can’t wait to give you the juicy details that is to much to type here in the next round of Juicy Spirit. 

You heard it right!!!! I am doing another FINAL round of this 7 week version of Juicy Spirit. During my down time, I heard Spirit say, “Let’s do it again!!!” I simply said, a big fat JUICY ”YES!” Sisters, I am living in this YES seasondespite so many no moments in my personal and sometimes, professional life. I am saying, “Yes!” to my desires from a full cup. I am saying, “Yes!” to taking some risks in love, flirting, dating, travel, friendships and long conjured desires. I am exploring my options because YES, opens up your options honey!!! Let me just tell you. There is more where this YES came from in this last month. Stay tuned for another Pleasure Report, soon.  It’s our season to live inside of the YES!!! Yes Living is JUICY!Yes Living requires your full presence, just because you say so! Yes Living invites you to go where no woman has gone before you and to meet the you that is whispering, YES!!! Let’s end 2013 investigating the things that are whispering, YES to you! Your yes is looking for you!!!

One of my favorite authors, Rev. Deborah Johnson in The Sacred Yes says this about, the Spiritual Yes, “When you say Yes in a spiritual sense, none of these things I have just mentioned apply. First, there is nothing external about this Yes. It is not a response to external stimuli; it is an adherence to an internal yearning. There is something in you that beckons you, that calls you, that prompts, nudges, nags, haunts, pushes you. It starts off as a whisper. To many of you humans ignore your whispers. You have become so accustomed, in your society, to having everything amplified at such a volume, that if is not screaming at you it is not important. You have gotten into a neon sign consciousness. You have to have a lot of razzmatazz, color, animation, drama, before you go “Ohhh, so that’s what that little voice has been trying to tell me!!!”  I know you may have to read that again! Women are the greatest culprits of denying themselves for the everyone else. Sometimes, it’s circumstances that minister the gospel of, “I have no other choice.” Sister, you are the catalyst and the co-creator with The Divine to be, do and have any desire manifest from YOUR YES, without drama I might add. The above reference also says, “I am not the one that is creating all of the drama and trauma in order for you to be able to hear my whisper. No! No! NO! I am not the one who is doing this. You treat the drama and trauma as though they were hearing aids.”  Allow Juicy Spirit to be your amplifier for your next Juicy manifestation. I am confident that the testimonies of sexless marriages turned into passionate hot spots, manifestation of healing for sexual trauma and frustration, support of ending and beginning relationships, becoming more orgasmic, doing business in pleasure instead of the masculine competitive model and other feminine magic can be yours.

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