The ART of Manifesting with a JUICY “YES”!

What if I told you that the thing that you desire the most can be yours, without having to struggle, sacrifice or strain, would you believe them? I know that I didn’t until I learned how to leverage internal design as a woman to create magic in my own life.  There are still times when I have complete memory lost of the last magic carpet ride, I confess.  Being in school, a business owner, laid off, put on, trading time for dollars, furloughed, divorced and dating disappointment certainly can seem like reasons to legitimize the struggle, doesn’t it?

I can honestly tell you that I have been in personal transition for approximately three (3) years due to one of those reasons above. As a Juicy Spirit Goddess, I have HIGH VALUE of travel and Rest & Recovery and Juicy vacations.  There very specific tools that I KNOW work to manifest miracles. However, I had been telling myself for two (2) years that, I could afford it, a vacation. I had a JUSTIFIED “NO”. Can you relate to this for something that you desire?


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