La Tonia Taylor
TheRevCoach.  Transformation Psychology Educator. Business Strategist.




YOUR Purpose, Pleasure and Passion is my priority! 

When I taught my very first class to a group of women, I had an encounter with my purpose. The light that turned on inside the hearts of women to reclaim the parts of themselves that had been neglected or neutralized by life, religion or relationships, lit a fire under me to pursue my passion. My own transformation from religious addiction, relational trauma and chronic "hide and go seek" for love in all the wrong places, REBIRTHED a new me for each new season in my life. 

Born and raised in the deep South, I know a little something about being a "good girl".   Because I've overcome the inner story of being "The Black Sheep", I know the transformative power of asking questions, seeking answers and becoming "The Answer" on the journey of Self-Mastery, where perfection is not required.  I partner with you as YOUR Spiritual Mid-Wife, using my signature blend of Spiritual Psychology and Transformation to educate the choices that will free you from the patterns in love, sex and money that no longer serve your own emergence story. 


I “turn blind-spots into breakthroughs” with ReBirth Life Strategies.   


In my experience “ReBirth and ReInvention in NOT a one time event, in business, the bedroom or the bank!”  I am a Multi-Passionate Woman and Freedom Whisperer in all that I do. My worlds are NOT segregated, nor does yours have to be. Because my contribution to various audiences have extended to sectors in community, corporations and organizations they had one thing in common. I help people and organizations redesign and implementing new program goals, in order to accomplish their overall mission statement and strategy. In the Corporate sector, I have been a Specialist in Program Organizational Development and provided training in areas such as;  Conflict Resolution, Restorative Justice, and Employment/Career Preparation.

My Mother used to say, "I have a Ph.D. in common sense, baby." and we know common sense isn't common so I have a  Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Human Development and hold Certifications in various Healing arts; such as Reiki, The Silva Mind Method, Iridology, Tantric Massage, Goddess Rites and Certified Natural Health Professional. Professionally, I am trained by The Academy for Educational Development - Advancing Youth Development, Center for Parent Leadership - Train The Trainer and FOUNDER of my signature Rites of Passage Program for Women - Juicy Spirit Awakened. 

Affectionately known as The RevCoach, The Priestess of Purpose, Pleasure and Passion.

It takes a village and sometimes we must GO FIRST. I am an Inaugural Graduate of The Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development, founded by Reverend Dr. Iyanla Vanzant. In addition to being a Master-level Trained Life Coach, Ordained Minister and Published Author, I have served as faculty at The Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development, Associate Minister at Union Temple Baptist Church,  Board Member/Minister at Real Life Today Church, Dean of Coaches,  LLC and Spiritual Advisor to Industry Executives with diverse profiles.  Join The Evolution Revolution to  #ReBirthandEmergeTransformed! 

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