"I turn blind-spots into breakthroughs” with ReBirth & Emerge Transformed Programs! 

ReBirth Life Strategies presents:
Sacred Programs to nourish your Feminine SOUL, Matters of The Heart and Holistic Business Strategy.

What is stopping you from ANSWERING The NEXT Call on your Life? Love? Money? Matters of The Heart? 
Where are you stuck or stagnant? 
How has hiding served you?
Is it time for YOU to Come OUT? 

I've learned some powerful answers to those questions on my journey. Sex, Love & Money are a DIVINE trinity with a Special Common Denominator:  YOU & your Feminine Intelligence!! ReBirth Int'l has customized programs for you to: 


  • Transform the limits of "Daddy Issues", "The Unmothered Woman" or The "Good Girl" into a healed, confident heart.
  • ReCover & Reclaim your Life and Liberation from Religious Restriction into Direct Relationship with The Divine. 
  • ReBirth YOUR Love Story: Family, Friends and F.E.A.R.!
  • Emerge Transformed with Vision Mastery and The Art of ReInvention.
  • Discover Women's Health & Healing, which I call, Sacred Sensual Transformation.

You are invited to Open Pathways of Purpose, Pleasure and Passion to POSITION Yourself for Prosperous results through Matters of The Heart! You know? Your answers to the questions above. 



Sacred Processes to nourish your Feminine SOUL, Matters of The Heart and Holistic Business Strategy.

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Gold/Bitcoin Bootcamp - ONGOING

Learn how you can GET IN POSITION to Prosper using #Cryptocurrency #Gold and #ProfitSharing via MONEY CHARM and receive on-going "Succulent Success" Education + bonuses simply SAVING YOUR OWN $.  -  Click here to SCHEDULE

Private Consultation

This session is designed to offer ReBirth Life Strategy support options for one area of concern and alignment with ReBirth Programs. Deposit will be applied to Service Selection or Consult session.  -  Click here to SCHEDULE

Request Your Transformation Speaker

Educate & motivate your audience with The RevCoach La Tonia Taylor for her signature presentation, "Turning Blindspots into Breakthrough" for your conference, retreat or theme of your choice.  -  Click here to SCHEDULE

Life Path/Astrology: Strategy Session

Unlock codes in a FULL SESSION for responding to learned behaviors & habits you may be aware but don't understand. Natal chart/Life Path readings offer tools for life management in love, sex & money.  -  Click here to SCHEDULE

Special Workshops & Sessions

Inquire about: > SheMagic introduce or stay connected to strategies for your Love, Sex & Money in Monthly Coaching Clinics. > The JUICY You-30days Sweet Spot - Activate Your Feminine Vision.  -  Click here to SCHEDULE

Ceremony Officiant

Duration varies • Price varies

The RevCoach La Tonia enjoys creating Sacred Ceremonies to honor special moments in your life: House Blessings, Weddings, Baby Showers, Consecration and other Sacred Circles.  -  Click here to SCHEDULE

Juicy Living/Quantum Leaps

ReBirth Int'l SIGNATURE Program: PRIVATE & Customized. Vision Mastery designed to create a Tipping Point for your Purpose, Pleasure & Passion integration. Schedule to Learn MORE.  -  Click here to SCHEDULE

The Juicy Womanhood Rites of Passage

ReBirth Int'l's SIGNATURE Program: Access Feminine GATEWAYS for women to discover hidden blocks to manifesting the desires of their heart using the feminine arts & sensual transformation. Apply NOW!  -  Click here to SCHEDULE

Level I:    Monthly Master Classes

Level II:   The Juicy YOU - 30 Days Living in Your Sweet Spot 

Level III:  Juicy Spirit Awakened - Rites of Passage  ~ Spring 2018

Next Level:  Private Coaching  ~ Consult Required 

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